Battlefield Heroes Guide

  • Register for Battlefield Heroes

    To get started with Battlefield Heroes you need to register for an account. Just select the Register option at the top of the page here. You will need to enter an email address and create a unique name. Once the confirmation email arrives you can confirm the account and get started. In their efforts to make Battlefield Heroes as simple as possible the game is launched via the browser so you’ll always need to log into your browser account to play.
  • Installation

    Once you have clicked the link in your confirmation email you can sign in and hit the big Play Now button. This should trigger the download and installation process. If you keep getting a message about having to log in it is because your account is not yet registered, it can take a few seconds. The game should install automatically and it is a fairly quick process. It will also install PunkBuster and you’ll need to ensure your firewall doesn’t block either the game exe or the PunkBuster exe.
  • Create Heroes

    You can create up to four separate heroes with each account. When creating a new hero you’ll be asked to choose from the Royal Army or the National Army. Both factions are well balanced and have a similar class structure. You can find out about the individual classes in more detail in our Battlefield Heroes Class Guide. You can’t delete heroes at the moment and you can’t create more than four unless you buy some Battlefunds.
  • Basic Gameplay

     The game was released with four maps and the gameplay is essentially a team based domination mode. There are various flags in each map. You capture flags by standing in close proximity to them for a few seconds. Once the flag is captured you will see your team’s banner flying at the top. The battle is naturally focussed around the various flags. There is a point system whereby you and the enemy have a number of points each. Killing an enemy soldier reduces their points and if your team holds more flags they’ll lose even more points for each death.
  • Character Development in Battlefield Heroes

     Your characters are persistent and you can develop them over time. As you play you’ll build up Hero Points which allow you to unlock new abilities and upgrade your existing abilities. There are also Valor Points which allow you to purchase weapons and some clothing, emotes and widgets too. Completing missions and just playing the game will earn you points. You can have three active missions at a time and they effectively just allow you to build Valor Points faster and unlock new missions.
  • Respawning

    When you get killed you will re-spawn at a flag controlled by your team. Your ability cool downs will be reset. If the enemy overruns your spawn point then you might find you spawn by parachuting in, this apparently offers protection against spawn campers. When you first re-spawn you always have a brief period of invulnerability.
  • Vehicles and Weapons

    There are three vehicle types in the game. Jeeps which are great for getting around in a hurry, Tanks which offer destructive power and Planes which are tricky to pilot but great fun. There are also nine weapon types in the game including the Knife, the Pistol, the Shotgun, the Sub Machine Gun, the Heavy Machine Gun, the Sniper Rifle, the Rocket Launcher, the Grenade and TNT. They are all easy to use, some are limited to specific classes and they all have unlimited ammunition.
  • Numbers and Colours Explained

     When you are fighting and you shoot an enemy you’ll see numbers floating up. You’ll also see them when you capture a flag. These numbers indicate the damage done and the experience you gained. They are also colour coded.
    • White – normal hit, flag capture
    • Yellow – critical hit
    • Red – enemy close to death
    • Green – experience boost
  • Battlefunds

    You can sometimes buy new outfits and emotes with Valor Points you have earned, but much of this content can only be had if you are willing to buy Battlefunds. You can use PayPal or a credit or debit card to buy Battlefunds. There is no way to earn them in the game. If you have Battlefunds you can spend them in the Store in order to get limited edition items, clothes and emotes for taunting. Thankfully you cannot buy anything with Battlefunds which gives you a gameplay advantage. Personally I don’t think they are worth bothering with at all.

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